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About Lee Gabor

When people asked me to tell them something about myself, I always say, there is too much to tell. I have been a "go-getter" since early childhood and love to stay extremely busy. My projects are always more important to me than biographical information, but, for those who want to know the bio, I'm including some info on this page. Other info about me personally can be found on various pages as I explain how or why I have been involved in specific activities and what I've done.

I have been honored to receive various awards for activities over the years. Information is available here

People sometimes tell me they are surprised at all my talents. I try to explain my opinion about this. I think most humans are given many more talents than they know. However, rather than trying what seems new to them, they continue with the same limitations they've always had.

Some of us are different and I'm in that group. We try new things. We have the attitude that the first time we do something, it probably will be a mess. But, the more we do it, the better we get. Finally, we're pretty adept at that new ability. We see life as full of potential rather than full of limitations.

I don't believe we are limited or that talents are given to only "special people." I believe all of us have lots of potentials. Therefore, I suggest everyone "go for it" and "follow that dream." And, please don't get discouraged with your first attempt. We all make mistakes and messes. When we say someone is a "Winner" at a skill, it simply means that person kept trying.

Certainly, some people exhibit enormous talent for a specific activity. That is beautiful. But, isn't it also beautiful to exhibit a little bit of that? I think so and I have always tried to instill in others the "try it, practice it, and enjoy it" state of mind.

Like most children, I was presented with many obstacles and "don't do that." orders. I simply didn't accept those blockages.  I believe God meant for me to use my brain and body to learn as much as I can and then take that knowledge and experience to help make Life better. 

Of course, you are free to choose for yourself how you will live your life. Following is a little about my years here. Since this website includes pages on many of the skills I've developed, there will be more bio there (as mentioned earlier).

Birth and Early Years

I was born in Montgomery , Alabama on March 1, 1946. We lived for a short time in Montgomery, then moved to Augusta, Georgia. After only a year there, our family moved to Atlanta and I grew up in that beautiful city. I think I was a year old in this photo.

photo of Lee Gabor about a year old

I attended Grant Park Elementary School from Kindergarten through 7th grade, Roosevelt High school from 8th through 11th grades, and graduated from Southwest DeKalb High School in May, 1964. We didn't have middle or junior high schools in the Atlanta School District. This is my senior photo.

  photo Lee Gabor high school graduation

In school, I participated in lots of during-school and after-school activities and clubs. I also was very active in our church. My passions during those school years were reading, writing, music, and art. When I was 12, my mom died and I began helping my dad in his work and managing the house duties. Through all this, I became what is known as a "workaholic" and I am that to this day. I really enjoy working and striving to do my very best at everything I try. 

Teachers were very important to me. I had a one or two who were really awful, but most were wonderful. There were a few who were truly spectacular. What made those so great? They took a big interest in ME and in what I liked to do.

One of those high school teachers was Mr. Jim Edwards, my English teacher at Roosevelt High School . When he learned of my interest in becoming a newspaper reporter, he took me to an Atlanta Press Club luncheon so that I could meet my idol, Jack Nelson. Mr. Nelson was a newspaper reporter for "The Atlanta Constitution-Journal" and had won the Pulitzer Prize (the best prize for journalism) for a series he did in Georgia on the mental hospital at Milledgeville. 

Meeting Mr. Nelson was such a treat. He was very encouraging to my interest in becoming a reporter.  That luncheon was in 1963 and I still have the autographed photo from Mr. Nelson. You can see that on my writing page in a group in the Newspaper Reporter section.  

During my Senior year of High School, I started a part-time printing business, which continued until 1995. I find the written word and pictures as being so important in our lives. By paying attention to how many pages are on this website, you can verify that I really believe in sharing info in writing. Information gives us power.

Although I was in a number of school activities, most of my efforts were church oriented. We sold donuts and peanut brittle to raise monies. I loved helping with the construction of the church, not that I could do much, but building things was very interesting to me and, to this day, I enjoy doing that. 

I played piano and organ for church services and taught a Sunday School class, using puppets often to get across a point. I also set up the church library. During various years of my youth, I sang on a radio program in Atlanta.

It was a great pleasure to help with the planning and production of wedding events at the church. This experience grew into a profession for me as an adult. When I opened the talent agency and began booking musicians for wedding events, often I was asked questions about planning the ceremony and reception. This eventually evolved into our establishing an event planning subsidiary of the agency.

At our church, I played organ for many funerals and those were always sad times.

My dad owned and operated a bookstore and I enjoyed helping there. 

My  mother was a lovely and gentle soul. She became a school teacher and taught with the Atlanta district. As mentioned, she died when I was 12 and I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful step-mother come into our family during my 15th year. The year my mom died I began to study Astrology and to realize my destiny lay in this ancient science and art. For information on that "other side" of my life click here.


College and singing with a band

I started college in the Atlanta area. It was fun to be in the opening class of the new DeKalb Junior College in Clarkston, GA. I remember the many hours of studying and playing the card game "Hearts" with some great buddies. The guys went on to join the military and were stationed around the globe.

Also, a few of us had a band and I was the singer. It was quite an adventure.

From DeKalb Junior College (now called Perimeter College), I transferred to Georgia State in downtown Atlanta and began my journalism studies. Those were great days. Professor Williams was fabulous and I loved going to class.

I so strongly remember the day we were sitting at our desks and a man rushed into the room and "shot" Professor Williams, then stole something off of the desk and ran out. Of course, it was a lesson. Professor Williams had us write up what we had seen and I was amazed that at some of the "newspaper articles" written by students in the same room I was in. Some people listed the man as Black (I saw a White man), and some with a knife instead of a gun. There were various differences. The lesson was to teach us that eye-witness reporting has very little value. Since then (back in the 1960s), law schools and police departments use this technique to emphasize direct evidence is much better than eye-witness evidence.

During that year of Journalism 101, I had a fabulous experience of flying from Atlanta to Augusta with professional journalists. Here is what happened: We students went to our early morning class and were assigned to cover something at the State Capitol (I don't remember what it was). When we walked into the capitol building, all class members started heading in the direction of the assignment. Me? I started to walk that way, but I noticed there was a lot of excitement going on at the other end of the hall. I saw camera people and photographers so I headed to their location and asked what was happening. I learned they were getting ready to fly to Augusta where the Governor would be making a special announcement. I begged to go, handed over the $20 in my purse, and was allowed on the private plane with a reporter from "The Constitution-Journal," a newscaster from "WSB" television station, and a reporter from United Press. The pilot had one arm and was a veteran of World War II.

We all laughed during the flight. It was rough as we hit lots of air pockets. The joke among the professionals was that if we crashed, the media would cover it front page or at the start of the broadcast, since the plane was carrying media people. We made it unscathed to Augusta.

It was a tremendous learning experience. We covered the Governor's announcement (at Augusta National Golf Club, which is where the Masters takes place each year) and were fed a delightful buffet. In late afternoon, we flew back to Atlanta and I made it to my night job as a telephone operator (Southern Bell) on time. When I called my dad to tell him, he was furious. He hated the idea of my being a reporter! He wanted me to be a teacher, but I was determined to be a newspaper woman.

I got home that night, wrote up my article and turned it in to Professor Williams the next morning. I received an "F" for the story I was supposed to write, but an "A+" for the one I wrote and the professor announced that, of all the students in the class, I was the one he predicted would actually become a reporter (and I did!).

When my step-mother became ill, the family insisted I go out-of-state to college. I attended Evangel College in Springfield, Missouri for my junior year. They didn't offer a journalism degree and I spent that year pretty miserable. But, the girls in my dorm were fun. Some of us bought an old jalopy that had three tires one size and one tire of another size. We drove around campus in that thing and had a blast. It wasn't allowed on city streets because it wasn't registered and licensed as a passenger vehicle. We sold it at the end of the school year, but I still think about that old thing. It was like a dune buggy!

Following that year, I married and began a family.


I won't discuss family, since that is a private matter.  Suffice it to say, I married and had children and now have grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  

From here on, many facts about me can be found on specific pages related to skills. Why? Because those skills grew from experiences, of course. Some information continues on this page.

Returning to College

I loved being a reporter and never minded all the hours required to truly cover local news for a daily. Journalism was very, very exciting, but also very demanding of my time. I hardly every saw my children and that wasn't fair to them. I felt the number of hours I worked kept me from being a good mother. Change was necessary.

In 1971, I had one year of college left and really wanted to earn a degree. After four years as a reporter, a college in South Dakota (where my brother-in-law was a professor) offered me scholarships, grants, and loans to finish my degree. Also, The Business & Professional Women's Club of La Porte, Indiana gave me a scholarship. A photo of the club's President handing me the scholarship check is on the page about my writing career.

When I arrived at Huron College, I quickly learned I could not continue in journalism and the only degree I could earn and finish in a year was in Elementary Education. I changed degree programs and earned that BA in education (May, 1972). Also, I obtained state teacher certification. I never expected to use the degree, but was very thankful to have completed those studies. Later in my life (in 2002), God wanted me to experience classroom teaching. The degree and certification came in handy.

Musician and Entertainer

As I neared graduation from college, my thoughts were with how to best combine a career with motherhood. I decided that being self-employed would work best for us. I decided to work full-time as an entertainer and musician, playing piano and singing for events, in hotel lobbies, restaurants, and in piano bars. Since I worked at night, I had all day to spend with the children, who were very young.

A number of photos of me as an entertainer are available on the webpage about my Music or click here.  

As it turned out, many years of my adult life were spent associated with the entertainment industry.

Talent Agent Owner and Performing Arts Academy

Because I am so detailed oriented, musicians I knew asked me to help them find work. This resulted in my starting a talent agency and, a little later, performing arts classes. The agency expanded into placing more types of service personnel. It wasn't long before I opened related businesses to better help our talents. These included a public relations firm, a printing company, and a mail-order retail company. We had talents working "on the road" (this was before the Internet) and they often needed promo photos and other items for their gigs.

Information on the Agency can be found on other pages at this website. I have included a list of the many divisions of the agency so that people interested in opening this type of business can grasp how venues can be set up so that purchasers contract for the most effective entertainment for their events. 

It has made me very happy that after I started drilling down regarding types of musicians, etc., that could be hired for events, other agencies began to do the same thing. For example, if someone called and need a jazz trio, the various types of jazz music could be explained so the buyer was sure to hire the RIGHT group for the event.             

Lobbying and Politics 

I've been an "Activist" all my life. For information on this, click here.

Newspaper reporters must stay absolutely objective. During my years in journalism, I avoided getting involved in politics other than voting in elections. I wrote political news, but made sure to be absolutely unbiased in my reporting. However, as soon as I left that business, I made a point of returning to political involvement (I had been active as a teen). I felt it important to write and mail letters and make telephone calls, regardless of what I was doing professionally.

In the early 1970s, I lobbied the U. S. Congress to pass a law requiring that half of what Americans bought would be manufactured in the U.S. I was laughed at and told how silly my idea was that jobs would leave this country. At the same time, writing a Business and Industry Column for the newspaper, I was actually SEEING manufacturing plants close and move overseas.

Obviously, those of us promoting a balanced approach to ensure Americans have jobs didn't have much success. So, now we have an "information" based country instead of healthy "manufacturing" base. I continue to think allowing our manufacturing to dissipate has been a MAJOR mistake. I think we should be balanced 50-50 with the rest of the world.

This following photo was taken in Madison, Wisconsin (1974, I think). I lobbied and worked with Jim Boullion & Associates and I ran for Dane County Clerk (came in 2nd or 3rd - don't remember now).

photo of Lee Gabor as political candidate in Madison WI

Technical Writer, Administrative Assistant, and Project Manager 

In 1995, I gave all the talents we booked through the agency a one-year notice and then closed the agency and academy. I left performing in order to better facilitate other aspects of my life. From 1995 until the summer of 2002, I worked contracts so that I could manage an often crazy schedule. During that summer, I did a lot of work with the international charity, Children United.

Among the clients with whom I contracted were:


Arrow Industries, Inc. (division of ConAgra)

Babich & Associates, Inc.

Bowie-Sims-Prange, Inc.

Carstens Yee & Calhoun, Attorneys At Law

Corporate Documentation & Training, Inc.

Fisk & Fielder, Attorneys At Law

Jenkens & Gilchrist, Attorneys At Law

OSuzanna! Designs

SBC Communications, Inc.

ST Microelectronics, Inc.

Sabre, Inc.  

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Wallpapers To Go, Inc.

and others


My dad died in Atlanta in 2000. I will always appreciate the good people in Georgia who were so supportive of him. As I went through his items, I was surprised to learn how deeply he cared about genealogy. I knew it was "an interest" and I had heard all his comments over my life regarding our ancestry. However, I didn't realize to what depth he was interested. After returning to Dallas, I became much more involved in putting together genealogical information.

In late August and early September, 2001, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to historic cities in the south. I will always remember and appreciate the vacation and, especially, the chance to stay at the Zero Water Inn on the bay in Charleston, South Carolina. From the 3rd floor balcony/porch in our suite, I could sit and rock while viewing Fort Sumter, where the Civil War (or, as Southerners often say, "War for Southern Independence" or "War of Northern Aggression") started. So many, many people died in that conflict. I believe slavery is wrong. At the same time, I honor all the people who died for what they believed was right. Sacrifices were made by people on both sides. The war ended. The nation stood whole. 

For me, I believe America is still the greatest nation on earth, although I do think we are on the wrong path regarding some issues. The laws aren't perfect. We can get involved and try to change them. I am opinionated and say to people that don't like our country and the laws, "Get involved and change them or leave. We'll somehow muddle through without you! In other words, please quit just griping! Millions have people have made the ultimate sacrifice to provide us with this great, great place to live."

Dallas ISD 

In late spring of 2002, God picked me up from working independent contracts and placed me in Dallas ISD. How did this happen? I received emails from the MoonLady listserve in Dallas and one day a message came requesting school supplies for kids in a school in the Pleasant Grove section of the city. I talked to the sender by telephone in order to let her know I had closed a business and had many items still in storage. We discussed things needed and then she said, "What we need most is a 6th-grade teacher." I laughed and said, "My college degree is in Education, but I'm not interested in teaching." She insisted I speak to the principal of the school.

As it turned out, in the fall of 2002 I was teaching a 6th grade class. I knew teaching wasn't the right place for me. I'm a very strict, "by the book" type of person and today's young people aren't usually comfortable with routines and regulations. Every vocational test I had taken as a teenager and young adult had reported teaching as my LAST AND AT THE BOTTOM career choice. Law was always at the top and journalism was second. I love law and order and I love the newspaper and mass media businesses. 

I still don't quite understand how I made it through the six years with DISD. They were difficult for me, but I'm a workaholic, so put in as many hours as I could stay awake each week to learn more, do more, care more, etc. After four years as a classroom teacher, I became Academic Coordinator for two years (first at Silberstein Elementary School and then at Gonlzalez Elementary School). During the year as AC at Silberstein, I enrolled at UT-Arlington and earned a Master Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. For list of Texas Education Agency certifications, click here.

During 2002 through 2008, I also did quite a bit of public speaking and was involved in numerous projects. I think working to make life better is always a privilege.

The educations pages on this website have lots of information about my experiences with the district. In the spring of 2008, I resigned from the district in order to concentrate on professional Astrology. Also, I thought I could be more effective for positive changes by lobbying from outside employment with a school district.  

A bio of me is available that offers more information about one of my interests, which is Astrology. it also contains information on some of the techniques I used to keep my students in school, at least through high school graduation. For the PDF, please click here. Also, please note I use a Doing Business As (DBA) of Lee masters for the Astrology.


History is one of my favorite subjects and genealogy is strongly related to the stories of humans on our planet. I'm very proud that my maternal and paternal ancestors came to America right after Jamestown was founded. Immediately, they became involved in government. Richard Bennett served as the Governor of Virginia and Maryland. John Langston was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses and participated in Bacon's Rebellion in 1676, the first time colonists rebelled against the British Monarch and one hundred years before the American Revolution of 1776. The colonists were unsuccessful in that first venture. Nathaniel Bacon was hanged and John Langston lost his seat in the House of Burgesses. His sword was taken from him - apparently a big deal back then.

It is obvious to me I carry some of those same genes of rebellion against behavior that is tyrannical.

My paternal grandmother was half Cherokee. Her maiden name was Hill and we hit a dead end when we try to find genealogical information on that line. However, we do have linage info on all the others, some back many centuries. I'm very proud that ancestors on both sides of my family fought in the American Revolution and the other wars of our history.


For information on issues in which I'm involved, click here.

This page describes some of the memberships I currently hold and have had in the past.


MORE RECENT  - 2008 to 2015

In November, 2008, I moved to Ellis County to be near my son and his family. Rocky owns a business between Palmer and Ennis. 

I enjoyed becoming a Master Gardener (2008 through December, 2010) and have served for a short time as Secretary for the Palmer Lions Club (09-10 fiscal year). In 2010, I became Certified as a Master Composter.

I continue to be interested and involved in historic preservation.

Most recently I have been writing, as you could see from my home page. I love writing and plan to do this for the remainder of my life.  

I created trailers for a couple of my books and recently decided to create a trailer for a contest for Murder by Moonlight, a novel by Vincent Zandri. The book has a film noir feel and, at first, I wanted to use the jazz song "Harlem Nocturne" and either the Illinois Jacquet or Herbie Fields recording - both are great. I contacted Shapiro-Bernstein & Company in NY to check on licensing cost and was allowed to use the song free of a fee for the judging, then if I won, we would negotiate the licensing fee based on amount of usage expected and if worldwide or just U.S. That was great, but I could never get in touch with the company that licenses the actual recording.

Therefore, I ended up writing my own song and doing the vocals. In order to do this, I dragged out my old Yamaha DSR 2000 synthesizer and played piano chords, bass, piano melody, and sax and recorded these on the Yamaha.

Then I dragged out the old Fostex VF80 8-track recorder and recorded the song with my vocals. Unfortunately, I had to learn how to use the Fostex and it was very complicated and took days. When I had recorded songs in the past, I went into a studio and simply performed. The engineer in the booth handled all the settings, mixing, mastering, etc., so I had never used those techniques. I found this quite difficult, but I made myself stick with it. After all, I taught my students to never give up! I finally finished the recording and got it saved to CD and then the CD was put in my CD-drive on my laptop and I input the song to my trailer.

I uploaded my creation and then looked at those sent in by others. I was amazed at how great many of them were. I knew I don't have a chance of being in the top 7 finalists, but feel like I still have won in the sense that I learned how to use the DSR and the Fostex better.

Also, to create the trailer, I used Windows Movie Maker and then had a nightmare getting it converted from .wmv to mpeg4. I downloaded 6 free  converting programs and none worked. Also tried a few online websites that offered free converting and finally found one that worked.

Much better trailers than mine won and I'm happy for the winner. For me, it was a great experience! From all that horror of the problems encountered with the software, I ordered a more advanced movie making program and will soon start using that. I want to do trailers for all my books and perhaps again in the future get involved in a contest.

In May of 2014, we discovered an elder friend had her home stolen from her by a woman who forged our friend's signature on a warranty deed and filed the deed with the County Clerk. This was extremely distressing to our friend! She had fallen and was staying with relatives instead of in her home, so the property seemed vulnerable to this crook. The thief used the name Elva Torres on the deed, but her real name was Edith Chavez Garcia or Edith Garcia Chavez and she was arrested and I don't know the outcome at this point. She was responsible for five other thefts of homes. Hopefully in 2015 we will learn the outcome of that and our friend has a court date in March 2015 to retrieve her home!

In June of 2014 my son asked me to help with a project he was doing - inputting data into an Excel database for a corporation that needed the completed spreadsheet in order for the 2012 and 2013 corporate taxes to be filed with the IRS. I agreed, since I type fast, and we started the input.

As we moved along, I was uncomfortable with the numbers we were inputting - they just didn't seem right. Back in the 1990s I had lived on campus at University of Texas at Dallas to study a variety of business courses so I could be more proficient with my own corporation at the time. Among these courses were accounting, corporate finance, economics, taxes, and others.

In addition to the discomfort regarding the numbers, I had asked for various documents and didn't receive them. Finally, I met with the bookkeeper for whom we were doing the project and with the owner. At the meeting, the bookkeeper sat in the swivel chair behind the desk. She opened the left-hand bottom drawer and said, "I'm taking the bank statements." This was a major flag to me, since I couldn't understand why she needed statements from years before.

A couple of days later when my son and I resumed the data input I told my son we would separate her (the bookkeeper) payroll from the other amounts and line-item her alone. As we did so, we both immediately recognized she was embezzling. My son called is friend, the corporation's owner and reported to him. The next day the owner confronted her, she admitted the thefts, and he fired her.

I felt responsible and agreed to stick around a little while to figure out what damage she had done. As it turned out, once I started, I went to the Secretary of State's website and downloaded all the businesses owned by my son's friend. There were about 20 corporations and I discovered this bookkeeper had NOT filed TX franchise tax reports and PIRs for any of them for years and she also had not filed federal Tax returns for the companies.

Bringing all that up to date took the next 9 months and on 2-19-15 I finished that "clean-up" and could get back to my own corporation and clients as well as my writing and other projects.

I learned during that project that 1) there are some really wonderful IRS agents who are helpful and very nice; 2) same for TX Comptroller tax people; 3) some people become bookkeepers and accountants simply in order to embezzle from vulnerable companies; 4) people rely on "friends of friends" for bookkeeping and accounting help instead of obtaining recommendations from past employers; 5) in the City of Dallas, a complainant has to put together a binder of the complaint for the police to send to the District Attorney, so the DA can DECIDE whether or not to take the case to the Grand Jury - in other words, this bimbo may not pay for her crime and she has gotten away with that for years - arrested and NEVER had to pay and she is the same person who embezzled from Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, back in the 1980s ($83,000) - I expect she embezzled from more, but we don't know about them; and 6) much more.

It was an amazing experience and one I never expected to discover.

In August, 2015, as I update this website, I also am making sure all my publications are perfect so that I can produce them in paperback editions, and possibly hardback! Of course, I continue to help my son with various of his projects and I lobby. 

Life is about learning and everything new we try helps us keep our brain working better, so I'm very glad to have had this experience. 

While this may seem like a lot of information to you, it is but a small bit of my life. All my days have been full and I am very thankful for the good health and the abilities God has blessed me with. I love staying busy. I love helping people. I love learning. Someday, when I face God, I don't want to offer excuses. Instead, I want to say, "I always did my best!"

  Copyright 2002-2017 Lee Gabor All Rights Reserved