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There is a video available of just a minute or so. It is private, but anyone in that first grade in 1951 is welcome to view the video.

Not sure what the event is or why some of the video is taken in front of a house. Looks like the entire 1st grade and front steps of the building at Boulevard and Kalb Street can be seen. Mrs. Iris Eubanks is in the video, as well as three other teachers, assume they are 1st Grade teachers. Video link - https://youtu.be/NRe4SJgGWaQ 

I was in Mrs. Eubanks class. Here is a list of students in that class.  

A free ebook will be available March 2, 2016 and can be requested by anyone who attended Grant Park or had a relative attending the school between Fall1950 and Spring 1959.


BETHEL TEMPLE - 1950s and 1960s


Whether you visited one time, were a member, or a friend or relative of someone who visited once or was a member, we want you to join us.

It has been suggested by former members that we have a reunion in Atlanta. I think this is a GREAT IDEA and, when I see an opening in my schedule in Texas and can get back to Georgia for a few days, we will definitely do something. 

If you would like to be advised of the date, time, place and other details of the Bethel Temple Reunion (either 2016 or 2017), please email me (LeeGabor2@gmail.com OR Lee@LeeGabor.com) and state your email address, a residence address, and a telephone number so we have a way of getting in touch with you. If your name has changed since you were involved with the church, please also note that. We do hope to see everyone. PLEASE NOTE MY HOTMAIL ACCOUNT WAS HACKED SO THAT EMAIL IS NO LONGER USABLE.


ALSO, we MAY do a directory of those people still alive that were in the church in the 1950s and 1960s (or include contact info in the program). If you do NOT want to be in such a directory (if we do one) or to have your contact info in the program, please STATE THAT VERY SPECIFICALLY in the email you send!

We will do a Program for the Reunion and if you do NOT want any contact listed, please let us know (that means your name would be there without any other info). If you do NOT want your name even listed, let us know that!


New free ebook, Memories from Bethel Temple church in Atlanta, GA 1950s and 1960s, written by Lee 2-5-2016 is available in final edition form as of 2-29-16. It is in PDF format. 

UPDATES to the original edition of 2-5-16 were:

UPDATE on 2-8-16

UPDATE on 2-11-16  

UPDATE on 2-15-16 

UPDATE on 2-20-16 

UPDATE B on 2-20-16 


The final version of 6-15-17 is available here.




The Facebook page for the church (Bethel Temple exists no  more), is https://www.facebook.com/BethelTempleAtlantaGA/?ref=hl and we'd love to have you like the page. 



All the videos are public, but they are copyrighted. That means if you are in the video(s), are a member of the church, or you are related to someone in the video(s), you have permission to share each one. However, if you do not fall into that classification, you must email me at Lee@LeeGabor.com or LeeGabor2@gmail.com to request permission.



#1 of the early 1950 days with pouring of concrete foundation, Easters, and Sunday School classes - can be seen at https://youtu.be/cnhucfkXlaY


#1A Groups - the first group is standing in front of a large sign that was on top of the old building; Kids; Little Kids in Sunday School class of Gertrude Davis and helped by Sis Fisher, Blanch Peyton, and Mother Purvis; quite a few different people milling around, looks like they are setting up a group; men's group; women's group - can be seen at https://youtu.be/w7lxRVXSCDg   


#1B More Groups - not yet available, may not need this


#3 Easter, 1952 (part of #1) 


#3A Easter, 1954 (part of #1)


#4 Funeral of Rev. Bessie, 1958 - family members, church members, friends, funeral service at church and then burial at Westview Cemetery - can be seen at https://youtu.be/cDtyPQbkt84 


#5 Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Sunday, 1960 - starts with the Bethel Temple neon sign on Boulevard; hiding eggs; older kids hunting for eggs behind the pastor's house at 381 Boulevard; younger kids hunting for eggs on the grounds of the church; Frankie & Pat Miles; Paul & Ruth Woodall; ? Kids; ? family; Raymond Ray; Jim & Gertrude Davis; Vic Wynne family; ?, ?, ?, ?, J. T. Gunter, Boys' class with Kathryn Brown, Mrs. Lester Smith and others, Men's class with Ralph Brown, Women's class, Ileti Shipp, Girls' class with Mildred Woodall, Sandra Woodall, J. T. Gunter with a boys' class, Gertrude Davis with little kids class and Ruth Woodall helping - 

can be seen at https://youtu.be/evSvvdZ0cbU 



#6 Snowstorm, probably 1960, the old church building and area to the south and to the west of the church - I-20 has taken over the homes to the south on Kalb Street - can be seen at https://youtu.be/e6jyY-ocMX0 


#7 Andersonville, GA Visit, probably 1962 - can be seen at https://youtu.be/osd2shix6oY


#8 Zoo Visit, but don't know when or if this is Grant Park Zoo - can be seen at https://youtu.be/gkxE3KEOvpc








#9 Misc. and Church (new building) Dedication, 1963 - Little Kids, Rev. Keetah Jones with Dr. Langston in the pastor's office; Edward Sanders with Eunice Sanders (no relation) and Rev. Verna Secrist Flanders Langston in the secretary's office counting money; Little Kids; Perillo Brothers (evangelists); various people at the dedication of the new building service; Jerry Shipp backing his car into a parking space; various people; Joetta Sanders;  Edward and JoEtta sanders' children - can be seen at https://youtu.be/Y8ls_ivInik 


#9B More of Dedication (should really be 9A) - Rev. Langston, people praying in adjacent prayer room and Melody Sanders is there, Vic Wynne's Mother and Vic Wynne, J. T. Gunter, Ralph Brown leads a song, Mother Purvis and Sis. Whithurst, Rev. Langston talking with a lady, Perillo Brother sings a song and leads a song, Raymond Ray, Frankie Miiles, Jerry Shipp provides pillow for his grand-dad, who is sitting by the grandmother - can be seen at https://youtu.be/0xec1cRDb5A


#10 Luau - this was at Don & Pat Davis's house on Bennington in Decatur and I'm not sure of the year. I thought 1962 or 63 or 64, but now thinking maybe 1965. Some of the people in it are Raymond Ray, Jerry Shipp, Johnny Sims, James Weaver, Rev. Verna Langston, Sandra Woodall (married Johnny Sims), Nancy Woodall, Brenda Gunter (married Donald George, but didn't see him in the video), Betty Weaver, and Janis Sanders Ray (I think she was married to Raymond at the time). I thought Tim Miles was there, as well, but the video went by so fast, I didn't see him. Any help identifying these people will be greatly appreciated - can be seen at 




#11 Atlanta Airport Visit - about 1965 - can be seen at https://youtu.be/vfjVcwLQaRA



#12 Christmas - about 1965 - can be seen at https://youtu.be/OldnCnfanzs



#13 Royal Rangers Camp - about 1965 - this may be in N.C. - can be seen at




#13A Great Smoky Mt. Camp - after 1965 in N.C. https://youtu.be/DrNIcU4t-ac 



#14 Church Service, Royal Rangers, Missionettes - about 1966, Rev. Verna,

Raymond Ray, Janis Sanders Ray and her sister, Ann Boatwright Ginn, Lester

Smiths and others - can be seen at https://youtu.be/uEKVPkXKfGM


#15 Families - Whiteheads; Hilburns; Wynn; ? (couple); Ralph Brown; ? Juliette Tucker?; ? 2 ladies seated; Dr. and Rev. Langston; Teet Waller; Sis. Whitehurst; baby; Eunice & Eddie Sanders; ? - can be seen at https://youtu.be/b9be4BWiWuQ 


#16 Families - Man; Couple; Vic Wynne; Paul & Ruth Woodall and two of their sons; Don Davis; ? Baby; ? Family; ? Lady carrying flowers; Akin family; ?; ? Boys; ? Family - can be seen at https://youtu.be/pkt-jNCVE6s


#17 Families - ? Baby; ? Baby; Gertrude Davis and husband Don with daughter Ruth and her husband and perhaps the two children are theirs and also in the group is Gertrude's and Don's son, also named Don; Eddie & Eunice Sanders; ? Other Couple; Lady w 2 girls - can be seen at https://youtu.be/gqU_h6NxboE 


#18 Two Families -  ?; Joe & Mildred Woodall - can be seen at https://youtu.be/HXF-n2Ui0LY 


#19 Do not know event or people - can be seen at  https://youtu.be/akE5-2CYqJM


#20 Bus trip somewhere and four ladies, including Rev. Bessie, Gerry Purvis, Nel Brooks, and I don't know who is the other lady. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlN0j_nbTl4

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