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Billionaire oilman Spot Jeffers decides its time to rid his life of his greedy brother and nephew, the greedy and unfaithful wife and, at the same time, ruin the reputation of a local golf course under which he's sure there is oil. If his third goal is reached, he can buy the land for pennies on the dollar. He contacts an international killing for hire business. The Master Mind instructs world famous Paddy Finnigan to leave Belize and travel to a small town in Texas to kill the father and son. His perfect location for the hit is a hill at the golf course. Will the local sheriff be able to solve the murders or will it take FBI Agent Harris to find Finnigan? Paddy's greatest regret is that he had to leave the beautiful Lily at home in Belize and how does Lily react when she learns there is an FBI search for Paddy? In fact, just who is Lily? Others at the golf course have intrigue on their minds and after the murder of another member, the local law enforcement work diligently to discover the person who installed the car bomb as well as the person who hired him.

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