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Classroom Success Through Creativity presents photos and text to offer a variety of ideas to help students better grasp difficult concepts.

Lee Gabor, M.Ed., the author, is a national award winning educator. In August of 2002, she became a teacher at Silberstein Elementary School, Dallas ISD, Dallas , Texas . She had owned and operated her own business for 25 years before being drafted to teach. During the first week in the classroom of the Title 1 school, she was lecturing to students in the way she had learned to do. A 6th grader called her Ms. Ga-boring. She immediately knew lecturing would not work for her mostly second language students.

Ms. Gabor sought help from other educators as well as put her creative right brain lobe to work. She came up with ideas for stuffed characters and robotic toys who would become the teachers in the classroom. She also borrowed all the computers she could for students to use for creating PowerPointŪ presentations and providing lessons to their classmates. This book details the many ideas used in her two 6th grade and two 5th grade classes. Hands-on activities, songs, dances, and the technology used also are described. Ms. Gabor bases the measurement of her success on the fact that, to her knowledge, only one of her inner city students quit high school before graduating despite predictions that half would do so.

In 2006, Lee was named by the U.S. Department of Education as one of 51 American Stars of Teaching. She represented Texas. That same year, The Texas Computer Education Association named her runner-up for Texas Teacher of the Year and the Dallas Rotary club named her runner-up for their Service Beyond Self Award, Elementary Division. In 2008, Lee retired from teaching.

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