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Friday 8-14-15

Antique Japanese Uchikake (wedding reception kimono)  PHOTO TO COME   $2,000.00

The correct term for the beautiful embroidered and brocaded wedding kimono is "uchikake" and these were extremely expensive when originally made in the past. The cost of from $30,000 to $40,000 was not unusual. As a result, a majority of Japanese brides have rented these garments for their weddings with a typical rental fee of $1500.00 per day.

An uchikaka is the elaborate, often colorful and dramatic wedding kimono worn by a Japanese bride at her wedding reception. Of all Japanese garments, these can be the most festive and exuberant. They are full of auspicious symbols - the omnipresent cranes, for example, signifying wishes for a long life. Sometimes these spectacular garments incorporate couched gold or silver threads, metallic brocading, and painted or stenciled gold leaf (surihaku). Uchikake are cut very long and are not worn with an obi, but rather are left open and trailing, their heavy padded hems holding the robe outward in back.

This garment comes in a bag, so that it is protected at all times. Many people buy these kimonos (of various styles) to display them as decor. They are stunning! If my own cottage were not already so full of paintings and artwork (meaning I would have a place to display this), I would buy it myself.

I have NOT had time to photograph the actual item we are selling, but I've seen it and it is gorgeous - gold with cranes, lots of red against a cream silk background. I hope to soon have time to photograph the garment and add the photo here. Of course, the garment is open for inspection by serious buyers.

Payment must be in cash unless we personally know the buyer (sorry if we offend the reader, but there is simply so much fraud these days).

I am selling this beautiful item for the friend of my son. The friend has high medical bills and, unfortunately, needs the cash more than a decorative item in his condo.

Here are samples of uchikakes: 1) bride from rear, 2) a different bride from front, 3) traditional item, 4) display 1, 5) display 2, and 6) standard dimensions -

bride from rear.jpg (18193 bytes)     bride from front.jpg (34493 bytes)     use this.jpg (11712 bytes)     display 1.jpg (10565 bytes)     display 2.jpg (11812 bytes)     dimensions.jpg (3925 bytes) 66 cm is 25.98 inches; 106 cm is 41.3 inches; 179 cm is 70.47 inches

If you are seriously interested, please email me at LeeGabor2@hotmail.com or call 469-471-4439.

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