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This sheet music ebook is for sale and available at:

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Libraries will be able to order through Library Direct

This book explains how to improvise when playing by substituting melody notes as well as chords. The 12 Keys are illustrated along with the major chord of each key and the two other major chords that are typically played iin that key. The possible or "maybe" chord also is mentioned. Chords explained and illustrated in graphics include minors, 6ths, 7ths, major 7ths, augmented, and diminished.

Voicing or inverting chords is explained.

A Transposition Wheel is included. The two circles can be cut out and, using a brad, the smaller circle is attached to the larger one. By turning the smaller circle, one can transpose the Key a song is written in to any other Key in which one wants to sing or play. Instructions are included with the wheel.

The trailer at Smashwords features the song played as written in the sheet music, which uses very basic chords and melody. After the run-through of that variation, the traiiler features the song as improvised by Lee playing it on a Yamaha midi keyboard. The notes were captured by Finale Songwriter 2012 software and a .wav file exported. It is the .wav file you hear. Lee would have preferred to play on a acoustic grand (in tune), but the keyboard was available and used.

The sheet music featured in the trailer is Lee's "When You Need Me I'll Be There." You don't hear he lyrics, but they are in the sheet music ebook, which is free at Smashwords.

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