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1st Assembly of God Church Montgomery AL 1946

There is one very quick video from Montgomery, AL, where my dad was pastor at the 1st Assembly there in 1946. Here is a link to the video on my YouTube channel -  https://youtu.be/jwNzwboBRjY  I have no idea who the child is.

I had questioned what church building this was, but as I was investigating on the Internet, I discovered a video featuring the current pastor of the 1st Assembly and the video of 2013 was to celebrate the 79th anniversary of the church. Pastor Greg Kelley went back to the building at 350 Polk Street at Miriam) and mentioned Rev. Langston. Here is a link to his video at http://Montgomery1st.org - http://www.montgomeryfirst.org/media.php?pageID=44 (when I tried to look at it on Sunday, 2-28-16, I couldn't get the video to work).

There was a parsonage behind the church building. I checked the satellite view to see if parsonage is still there right behind the church. This is really unclear, but 2009 Google Maps photo doesn't look like the parsonage is still there.

The church originally was built in 1938 and then rebuilt while my dad was there (1946).

Here are photos of the church building in Montgomery which was built when my dad was there; it is now a Korean church since the 1st Assembly moved to a larger building.:


In the 1950s my dad and I flew to Montgomery for him to speak at some services. I remember this well because I played the piano and sang in the service.

When we traveled back to Montgomery, we often stayed with the Grays (they had a great-looking son named Sonny) and sometimes we stayed with my Uncle and Aunt and cousins.