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In 1979, pianist and vocalist Lee St.Clair Gabor opened The Cellar Door Piano Bar on Stella Link in Houston , Texas . Each month a party was held to celebrate the birthdays of customers and staff who were thought of as the "Cellar Door Family." 


The parties were held according to dates of astrological sun signs. To add to the fun, Lee wrote parody songs for each sign and for astrology in general. The parodies could be sung to the tunes of old sing-along melodies. Lists of the birthdays of famous people were given out. For this book, some birthdays have been added.


Lee left The Cellar Door in 1983 and later moved to Dallas, Texas, where she used the parodies for private parties, including one given by Jim Miller at his beautiful home for Herb Kellerer (co-founder and CEO of Southwest Airlines) and employees of the airline. The party was held at Jim's beautiful home.


Music for the sing-along tunes is not included.

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