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Prejudice is a powerful emotion and, without courage, can inhibit the expression of love. When Gwen Long falls for an American man who is half-Japanese, she must face the hatred the men in her family have for the Asian race, a malice born during World War II from the death on the island of Okinawa of her great-grandfather's youngest brother. The racial difference is only one of many issues obstructing their love. Gwen, who lives in Atlanta , Georgia , meets Lance Tanaka when she visits her best friend in Chicago . The 26-year-old strong-willed and independent woman desires him at first sight, but finds him to be arrogant and chauvinistic. Even more upsetting, Gwen discovers he has no interest in a long-distance romance or in marriage and children. Sure that he is in love with the beautiful fashion model, Susan, Gwen returns home and attempts to forget Lance. Months later, a bouquet of flowers sent by him to mark her birthday tells her he is interested and invigorates her desire for him. Eventually, Lance invites Gwen to vacation with him in Las Vegas where a bet fuses the couple. When the issue of children results in his leaving her, Gwen has only his Tanaka shirt to remind her of his ardor. Later, he returns, but life together is threatened when Lance becomes associated with a jealous murderess who is willing to kill Gwen in order to have him.

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