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Advertising Sales



Please like my Advertising Sales page.


Price for listing on one page (and automatically gratis listing on the page for the city, town, or unincorporated area in which your business is located) - $20 a year with first three months free (you can cancel listing at any time - there is no contract, but there also is no refund pro-rated. Payment is made in advance.

If we do a full website for you, both listing as a business and listing on the location page of our site are free for as long as we maintain your website.

URL or domain name for your site is $25 per year, payable in advance. Web hosting is $20 a month if paid monthly, $99.00 if paid for a full year. All payments are made in advance.

Cost of website design depends on the complexity. A simple website of no more than 5 webpages is $100 - you provide the photos and logo. If we take photos and design a logo, there is an additional charge, which is customized depending upon your need.


Ellis County is a great place to live. The northern most county line is 30 miles south of downtown Dallas. 

Interstates 35 and 45 run through the topography.

Our largest city is Waxahachie, which is the county seat and home of a private college and a public community college. Another larger city is Ennis, which hosts the Bluebonnet Festival each year. Midlothian also is one of the larger cities here and, actually, Grand Prairie has a tiny portion of its city limits in our county.

There are many smaller places, categorized as towns, such as Ferris, Palmer, and Ovilla. 

The website http://MyEllisCountyTX.com has information on all the cities, towns, and unincorporated towns within our borders as well as links for lots more info.

Because of the horrible economic situation that began with the signing of federal legislation that allowed banking institutions to get into the investment side of finances (signed into law by Pres. Bill Clinton), I wanted to do my part to keep people working in our county and buying goods here. Therefore, the website was born and available for advertising sales.

I love history, so included a little of that about Ellis County and its various areas. 

We would love to have you visit the website (click on either business card at the top) and, if you live here, please shop in Ellis County first!

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