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Please like my Artist page.

In elementary school, first or second grade, there was an art contest sponsored by the Atlanta Fire Department. I submitted a colorful drawing of a fire truck and I don't remember what else was in it the picture, nor do I still have it. I won first place for our school and don't remember anything else about that.

In 6th grade, we had a lesson on Egypt and the Sphinx. I was asked to do a large drawing of the Sphinx for our classroom. I remember doing the artwork. Shortly after that, I was invited to attend after-school art classes at the high school and I did that. I think my 6th grade teacher must have referred me.

Art is a very enjoyable pastime, but I never seem to have free time for it. I have done work in all media and some I like, some I don't like. I have items I need to scan and put here and maybe will get to that sometime. In the meantime, I'll include an oil painting I did a number of years ago.

Example of an oil painting in a post-impressionist style - mine is on the right side and the fabulous Claude Monet Water Lily painting is on the left side:


At some point when time is more available, I plan to create more art and make it available for sale. Just not sure when that will happen.

I am very proud to have books autographed by Allan Kraayvanger. He is the father of a dear friend of mind and his books on drawing heads and drawing bodies have been published. The books are great and Mr. Kraayvanger and his wife now live in the Dallas area. The books can be found on Amazon and at other retailers (I don't know about ebooks, the ones I have are hard copies - you ca always check in the art section of Half-Price Books).



I thought in my 70th year I would have time to do art, but it just hasn't worked out that way YET!

Since the last time I painted, I've made some mobiles, which are easy to do.


My oil and acrylic paintings start at $500.00 each. Charcoal drawings, pen and ink drawings, pencil renderings start at $150.00 each.


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