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The State of Texas Education Agency requires certification for public school teachers and administrators. Information on obtaining certification as well as verification of certification(s) can be found at the website of the State Board for Educator Certification:


To verify certification you will need to input the Social Security Number or first and last name of the educator.  If you don't know the exact first name, you may input the last name and first letter of the first name. This may bring up many more names than you might expect. Sometimes one can find the educator within that list of names (genders and ethnicities are listed). Other times you may have too many names to be sure you're finding the correct certification. In that case, you can call the school or the Human Resources Department of the District to find the exact name. The public has a right to know that educators are certified.

No Child Left Behind required that educators be certified in the area in which they instruct students. This is called being "highly qualified."


Lee's certifications can be verified by typing "Leciana Gabor." To emphasize to students the concept of having many choices regarding one's career, Lee has obtained one Master Teacher and nine Classroom Teacher certifications. She also holds a Principal certification.


      Principal K-12 with PDAS certification

Master Teacher

     Master Technology Teacher Grades EC-12

Classroom Teacher

  • Early Childhood Education PK-KG

  • Early Childhood Education Handicapped PK-6

  • Elementary Self-Contained 1-8

  • English as a Second Language EC-12

  • History 8-12

  • Journalism 8-12

  • Social Studies Composite 8-12

  • Speech 8-12

  • Technology Applications EC-12

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