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The Educator

Lee holds a BA degree in Elementary Education and a M. Ed. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

From August 2002 until June 2008, Lee served as an educator with Dallas ISD. The first four years were as a classroom teacher - two years in 6th grade and two years in 5th grade. In 2006, Lee was selected to attend University of Texas-Arlington to earn a M. Ed. degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

This was a one-year cohort program. Since students paid for the courses themselves, they were not required to remain with the district.

During the school years 2006-2007 and 2007-2008, Lee served as Academic Coordinator at Silberstein and Gonzalez Elementary Schools (respectively). Gonzalez became a Recognized School during  Lee's year there.

These pages include information from Lee's years in education. Some documents are lengthy and would take awhile to download (depends on speed of your connection). If you prefer, you can right click on title and bring up a menu, then click Save Target As and save to your computer.


Lee has written an EBook, "Classroom Success Through Creativity," that contains information and photographs of various techniques she used during her four years as a classroom teacher. 

As you may already have read, in 2006 Lee won three awards for her innovative techniques:

U. S. Department of Education "American Star of Teaching" - one of 51 teachers in the U.S. to receive this award; Lee represented Texas

Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) "Teacher of the Year - Runner Up"

Rotary Club of Dallas "Service Above Self - Elementary Schools - Runner Up"

The EBook "Classroom Success Through Creativity" is available for purchase at Smashwords and other online retailers as well as at Amazon.


Remembering what we are doing as educators:

Children are like seeds that can become beautiful plants. They need nurturing from us, support, intellectual food, and to be able to trust us. We cannot leave out trust. Many of our kids have no one else to trust.



These are articles, forms, and signs Lee created and used during her classroom years. You are welcome to download them.

DISCIPLINE HELPER - "The Quick, Smart, EZ, & Aware Path to Success" 15-page PDF can be downloaded HERE

If you don't have Adobe PDF Reader to open the document, you can get the free software HERE.





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