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Gardener and Composter

Please like my Gardening and Composting page


I included this as an activity because it meant so much to me. However, I am  not available for garden design or composting lessons at this time. I can recommend someone (and I do not get a kickback or referral fee).

When we had the weekly newspaper in Palmer, I wrote a column on gardening and composting and truly appreciated and enjoyed the feedback.

I'm no longer a member of the Ellis County Master Gardeners, but truly loved being part of that group back in the day and am still in touch with some members. They have a great website and you can find them on Facebook

Master Gardeners volunteer time to make parks and monuments more beautiful. And, the classes are phenomenal, if you decide to get into the program. There is a week of classes every day and most are taught by A&M grads.

There also are field trips that are very educational.

While on Facebook, be sure to check out Marilyn Simmons page. She is an expert, teaches classes, and I will always remember attending some at her home in Rockett, TX. We enjoyed terrific foods right out of her garden!  Marilyn is available to help people design gardens. 

Four of us in our MG class decided to become Master Composters and we attended classes in Grand Prairie (the city has a wonderful program). The hardest part was doing our volunteer hours in the hot summer sun. But, we made it! We did enjoy eating veggies out of the community garden and the people were terrific. Of course, still can do without the bugs that eat the veggies! 

We each earned our MC certification and received a composting bin, thermometer, and other goodies. 

When the non-profit (QuickSmartEZAware.org) gets into our school, I hope to have a garden there, of course, with a pond! A pond can add so much, even if just moving water. Koi and other fishes are beautiful in ponds also. 

My youngest granddaughter and I dug a pond in our back yard, 4 feet deep and I don't remember the other dimensions. I bought solar powered fountains so the water would keep moving, but the fountains just weren't big enough at that time. So, we never quite finished the pond the way we wanted to and it is now a fire pit, LOL. A large tree at the house had been damaged and had to come down. I asked them to cut the trunk into pieces to make seats for the fire pit. 

I love magnolia trees and our county is blessed to have so many gorgeous trees!

I may include some gardening and/or composting news in the newsletter, but with wuch resources as ECMG and Marilyn, they are the best people to friend on FB for continuing ed. Also, TX A&M website has lots of free info!


Video at YouTube

Requesting Permission to upload the video of Worm Composting - Troup 878 Girl Scouts

On 4-28-10 I did a program for the girl scouts - worm composting. I videotaped it and gave the Ellis County Master Gardeners a copy, since I was a member at the time and had been asked by ECMG to do the program. I'm wondering if you all would mind if I upload the video to YouTube. I don't remember getting releases from the parents of the girls. If I did get releases, they are in a file somewhere. I just remember going outside with the worms and kids from all over the neighborhood coming to see them. The Scout Mother for that meeting made "worm" cupcakes. Please let me know on my FB page or my email, LeeGabor2@hotmail.com. If I upload, I probably would also put a link on my Gardening page at my website, http://LeeGabor.com(Home/StayingBusy/Gardener and Composter). Thanks for your consideration.

Girl Scout Troop 878 Waxahachie, TX Ms Lee that's still one of our favorite meetings! Feel free to share with others!

Lee Langston Gabor Thank you, I had a fabulous time that day - still such a big memory for me. I will upload to my YouTube and let you know the link.

Unfortunately, my video is in TS format and I have to convert it to MP3 of MOV or some other format to upload to YouTube. Once that is finished and the video is available on YouTube, I will post the link.


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