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If you need Notary Public Services, call Lee at 469-471-4439 for an appointment in the  Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, including Ellis County.


Lee's Notary Commission is TX #53518-4, which expires 6-25-18. 

Prices are the standard prices as prescribed by the TX Secretary of State's office Notary Public licensing PLUS any mileage charges at are incurred at .56 a mile (IRS mileage rate for 2014). Lee is a "Mobile Notary Public" and will travel either from Buckner Boulevard and I-30 area in Dallas or from the Ferris area, I-45 South of Dallas (Ellis County).

Call Lee for information on Signing Agent Services (mortgage and loan papers notarized at your home as prescribed and authorized by your mortgage company or bank).

Lee is a member of the American Association of Notaries.




My books are now available in ebook format and we've published sheet music for all but one of the songs I've written. The sheet music graphics/links follow the books. I hope in 2014 to get all the ebooks formatted for paperback and/or hardback availability and notification will be posted on this website. Also, I have a few Lee Gabor books to finish and publish before I move to writing only the Lee masters astrological non-fiction and fiction works. 

How did the fiction writing start? In 2007, I won first place in The Writer's Notebook contest for October with the short story "Zigzags." It was that experience that led me to believe I could  write fiction. My experience until then was as a newspaper reporter and tech writer, both non-fiction oriented. Following is a photo of the award and I love the software I won. The software is "Page Four" and is specific for writing. It helps one organize his/her fiction and non-fiction works. For more info on how I write, please click here.



To visit pages with descriptions of books, please click on cover graphics. Those pages have links if you desire to purchase from Smashwords, Amazon, or other retailers. Please be aware, various retailers have their own prices.

If you prefer, please visit my Author Page at Smashwords and/or Author Page at Amazon. Each author page contains a list of all books I've published that are being sold by that retailer. My Smashwords page lists everything I'm publishing and all of these items are available at the Internet retailers to which Smashwords distributes. I am not publishing everything at Amazon (for example, the free tribute books, cookbooks, and, at this time in March 2013, the sheet music).

Below the fiction and non-fiction ebooks are graphics for most of the sheet music for songs I wrote in the 1970s while playing piano and singing at piano bars in Madison, WI or in 1979 in Houston, TX or 2007 in Dallas, TX. At some point in the future, I'll make available online my recordings of the songs I've written. 

View Trailers for ebooks at my YouTube channel or at the Smashwords pages. Also, since the sheet music is written using very basic chords with the melodies, I placed on my YouTube channel two videos of me performing. One is musicians accompanying me as I perform cover songs and the other is simply my hands on the piano keys as I play bits of some songs. These were made to "cut in" to the other recording since the second video camera I ordered for the shoot wasn't available.

At the bottom of the page is a star graphic with hyperlinks to my "other" lives: musician/entertainer, educator, speaker, activisit, and professional astrologer/metaphysician, which I do under the DBA (Doing Business As) Lee masters (masters is used as a verb to indicate I am mastering through experience and studies). The goal is to complete my Lee Gabor writings so that I can begin the Lee masters writings, which include a novel that offers Aquarian Age revelations and non-fiction works that explain the new Aquarian Age Astrology, which augments the astrologies of previous ages (including the most recent Piscean Age, which is what most people think of when you say the word "Astrology" - starts with Aries/Ram the head and moves around to Pisces/Fish, the feet).

Information on ebook formats follows book/sheet music covers.


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   POETRY               SCREENPLAY 

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      Astrology           Baseball Umpires

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 CoversheetmusicAllAngelsNotHeaven.jpg (426418 bytes)  CoversheetmusicComeBackToArms.jpg (477851 bytes)  CoversheetmusicGrandOldOpry.jpg (507692 bytes)  CoversheetmusicHankAndElvisAndMe.jpg (444808 bytes)

  CoversheetmusicIMustSayGoodbye.jpg (374266 bytes)  CoversheetmusicGoodbyesInEyes.jpg (480322 bytes)  CoversheetmusicLyingHereLovingYou.jpg (357590 bytes)  CoversheetmusicLuckyOne.jpg (550508 bytes) 

CoversheetmusicJustWeddingRing.jpg (449255 bytes)  CoversheetmusicOldFashionedSunday.jpg (604179 bytes)  CoversheetmusicRightThingDo.jpg (567639 bytes)

 CoversheetmusicTXBootBoogie.jpg (438232 bytes)   CoversheetmusicToYesterdayGoodbye.jpg (401234 bytes)




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  CoversheetmusicLostInYourLove.jpg (337314 bytes)   CoversheetmusicLoveNever.jpg (361754 bytes)   CoversheetmusicMagicLights.jpg (347412 bytes)   CoversheetmusicYouMyEveryDay.jpg (372764 bytes)  

 CoversheetmusicRoundOnCarousel.jpg (456426 bytes)   CoversheetmusicWhenHouNeedMe.jpg (382224 bytes)   CoversheetmusicWonchaLetMeLove.jpg (399108 bytes)



 CoversheetmusicWedPrayer.jpg (287365 bytes)

Please note if you download in "plain text," the actual music won't display. Therefore, please select another format. 

If the key a song is written in doesn't work for you as an instrumentalist or a vocalist, you can find a transposition sheel on the Internet. If you haven't used one, the tool shows you the chords you use if you change to another key. Also, you may want to check YouTube for a video on how to transpose keys for sheet music.



 (in all formats except RTF and Plain Text, the electronic reader should display the cover of the book): 

epub (if you don't have a "reader," you can download the Adobe free digital reader for your computer here
Apple iBookstore, Kobo, B&N for reading on Nook,  the Aldiko reader for the Android, the Sony reader.

There are many large independent ebook stores on the Internet. Examples are: Fictionwise, Ebooks.com, Books On Board, and many other large and small stores.

FORMAT: Sony Reader (LRF) (newer Sony Readers use EPUB)

FORMAT: Kindle from  Amazon (.mobi) (also used on Windows PCs and many handheld devices)  

FORMAT: Palm Doc (PDB) primarily used on Palm Pilot devices, but readers are available for PalmOS, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile Pocket PC/Smartphone, desktop Windows, and Macintosh

FORMAT: PDF (Portable Document Format) readable by most devices, including handheld e-readers, PDAs, and computers (you can download the Adobe PDF reader here or go to the Adobe home page).

FORMAT: RTF (Rich Text Format) a cross-platform document format supported by many word processors and devices (unless the author placed a copy of the cover art at the beginning of the document, you won't see the image)

FORMAT: Plain Text works on nearly all readers and devices (lacks formatting) and unless the author placed a copy of the cover art at the beginning of the document, you won't see the image


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