Katelyn Cobb - Actor



Drama Department at Ferris High School, Ferris, TX

Summer Drama Camp, 2017, Ellis County Children's Theater, workshop conducted by Taylor Wright.




History of Ferris, TX, production of Ferris High School Drama Department - 2015

group pic by Renae Dart with white outs all.jpg (81878 bytes)

Click on photo to enlarge it. The identities of all students except Katelyn have been whited out until we have written permission for the student to be shown (parent or guardian should email LeeGabor2@gmail to give permission).


Sweeney Todd, production of Ferris High School Drama Department - 2016

Kate with Drama Teacher.jpg (63631 bytes) Katelyn with Drama Coach

Kate acting 12 cropped.jpg (13319 bytes) Katelyn in one costume (she wore two)

Kate acting 14 cropped.jpg (24989 bytes) Katelyn with two unidentified cast members

Kate acting with bird cage 2.jpg (19053 bytes) Katelyn with birdcage

kate in chair with a guy 1.jpg (40007 bytes) Katelyn in chair with cast member in costume



more photos to come and we have many, but don't have permission from parents of other students to post pics










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