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Lee Gabor Academy

The Academy was closed at the end of December 1995.

We taught a variety of subjects to individuals and groups. Music, vocals, and performing arts were emphasized. However, our student roster also included business professionals who wanted to be able to speak comfortably in a group situation. 

We used a variety of learning techniques to teach students. 

While traditional lectures were important, role playing became the core method used. This prepares one for handling the nervousness of being on stage (defined as Constructivism).

Workshops and seminars explained the various industries in which a talent could be booked. Lee has always believed that the more information a talent has, the better he/she is able to provide the best service possible. 

The Academy's four-part workshop "How To Become A Professional Performer" included

1.      The Performers - What It Takes To be One

2.      The Show and On Stage - Performer's Image, Style, and Targeting & Connecting to an Audience

3.      The Biz - Legal Requirements, Operations, Agents,  Contracts, Bookings, Accounting & Taxes

4.      The Buyer - PR, Photos, and Promotional Packages

Although we no longer have the physical facilities for teaching, Lee continues to be available to answer questions for persons whose goal it is to become professional performers.

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