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The Lee Gabor Agency™

This is an overview of the agency and is quite lengthy. The agency was closed at the end of December, 1995 and we no longer book performers. The reason for including this is to suggest that persons who are opening an agency or persons who are planning to use one become aware that the more information you have available regarding various venues and formats of entertainment, the more effective an agent or client you will be.


It has been an honor for us to contribute to the music and talent booking industry by the way we operated the Agency. One of our important contributions in Texas was to show both performers and purchasers the same contract. This resulted in a standard percentage being taken that was cost efficient to both parties. Most Texas agencies had one contract for purchasers and another for talents. There were times when corporations paid $1000 for a trio and the musicians only received $300 of that. The agent kept $700. Lee believed this was unethical and would result in corporations hiring fewer live musicians and using more DJs, which is exactly what happened in Texas. All agencies affiliated with the AFM were expected to use standard commissions and this was greatly supported by Lee and the agents working in her company.

We made another contribution to the industry, which has affected agencies throughout the United States. At one time, our agency was the only one in Texas and nationally to divide music into very specific segments. Now, most of the agencies do this, at least to some extent. For a list of our divisions, click here.

By segmenting, purchasers were guaranteed to receive exactly the type of performance they requested. 

I discovered during the early years of booking talents that clients needed to be educated in purchasing the services of talents. For example, in most agencies, when a buyer would call and request "jazz," the agent would book his or her idea of what kind of jazz was being requested. Unfortunately, when the musicians arrived and started performing, the jazz they played could be "Avant Garde" or some other style, when the party was advertised as featuring "Dixieland jazz." Musicians, audience, and purchasers would be stressed, if not downright angry because of this oversight. You may be able to recall your own experiences of the wrong acts booked due to lack of detail.

This was simply not acceptable at my agency. Because I'm so extremely detail-oriented, I was able to devise a system to prevent such stress. Our agents took the time to educate clients. 

Starting with a music venue, we defined the various sub-venues through explanations in brochures and PR materials, videos, audio tapes, and by taking clients to enjoy the specific venue of music. For example, in the venue of "Jazz," there is the sub-venue of "Dixieland." Through educating the purchaser on the various sub-venues, including Dixieland jazz, our client could request exactly what was desired.

Even more important, that client would know for the remainder of his or her life the difference between "Dixieland" and "Avant Garde" or any other jazz. This education of individual and business clients made them more confident in purchasing as well as  more valuable and successful in their own careers. 

We are great believers in educating people. Education can be "the ounce of prevention" that deletes the need for "a pound of cure." 

Client List

Our clients have been both commercial establishments and private individuals. Among our commercial clients have been.  

    Adam's Mark Hotel, Houston TX

    Aladdin Casino & Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

    The Benchmark Gourmet Restaurant, Michigan Inn, Detroit MI

    Bent Tree Country Club, Dallas TX

    Boca Raton Hotel and Club, Boca Raton FL

    The Breakers, Palm Beach FL

    Canyon Creek Country Club, Dallas TX

    Capital City Club, Atlanta GA

    Capital City Country Club, Atlanta GA

    The Cellar Door Restaurants, Houston TX

    Chicasaw Country Club, Memphis TN

    The Conrad Hilton Hotel, Chicago IL 

    The Crescent Club, Dallas TX

    The Dallas City Club, Dallas TX

    Engineers Association of Texas

    Gleneagles Country Club, Plano TX

    The Hilton Hotel-Westgate, Houston TX

    The Hopkins House, Minneapolis MN

    The Houston City Club, Houston TX

    The Houstonian, Houston TX

    The Inn on the Park, Houston TX

    Italian Club of Dallas

    The Landmark Casino, Las Vegas NV

    The MGM Grand, Las Vegas NV

    The Mansion, Dallas TX

    The Marriott Hotel Downtown, Atlanta GA

    The Piedmont Driving Club, Atlanta GA

    The Playboy Club, Chicago IL and Lake Geneva WI

    The Sheraton Downtown, Houston TX

    The Sheraton Gretna New Orleans, LA

    The Sheraton on the Park, New York, NY

    Sheraton Prudential, Boston MA 

    The University Club, Dallas TX

    The Warwick Hotel, Houston TX 

    and many individuals and businesses

Types of Events

  •     Advertising Jingles

  •     After Dinner Music

  •     Anniversary Events

  •     Apartment and Condo Events

  •     Association Events

  •     Banquets

  •     Bar and Bat

  •     Birthday Parties

  •     Brunches & Buffets

  •     Business Grand Openings

  •     Cablevision Shows

  •     Charity Balls

  •     Church Socials

  •     Cocktail Parties

  •     College Reunions

  •     Company Milestone Events

  •     Company Picnics

  •     Consulate and International Events

  •     Convention Hospitality Suites

  •     Corporate Events

  •     Country Clubs

  •     Dances

  •     Dinner Dances

  •     Dinner Parties

  •     Fashion Shows

  •     Fine and Gourmet Dining

  •     Fraternity Parties

  •     Holiday Parties

  •     Hotel Lobby, Lounge, Restaurants

  •     Movies, TV, Documentaries, Radio

  •     Memorial Services

  •     Nightclubs

  •     Private Parties

  •     Restaurants

  •     Retail Store Events

  •     Retirement Village events

  •     Shopping Centers Events

  •     Sorority Parties

  •     Teas and Tea Dances

  •     Trade Shows

  •     Wedding Events



Associated businesses established so that our talents could get the very best quality products at the most reasonable prices.

LSG Langton St.Clair Grosvenor Printing Company

Laura Symington Worth Jewelry

Leciana St.Clair Fashions and Hand Painted Silks

Lee was a Founding Member of Association of Certified Business, Social & Wedding Etiquette Consultants


Event Planning & Management

As owner of The Lee Gabor Agency from 1971 to 1996, I personally accumulated 25 years of experience in planning and managing events. 

With an eye for detail, I strived to make sure every occasion went off without a hitch. This required extensive planning and plenty of experience. It MUST be a hands-on project and one cannot be lax at any moment.

I've personally attended many large corporate events and small private parties at which there was NOT a manager controlling the occasion. Nightmarish situations have happened, for example:

  • staff not preparing enough settings at the head table (while top execs were being video taped moving to their seats

  •  waiters' tripping and spilling food on guests

  •  a fire caused by candles too close to flammable materials

  • other more minor and more major faux pas 

You cannot depend on the staff at the convention center, hotel, country club, or restaurant to oversee every moment of your special event. 

Someone representing YOU should be in charge throughout every event! Successful implementation requires attentiveness to the details you've planned and/or approved.

If your occasion is already planned, be sure you hire someone with clipboard and checklist in hand to oversee every moment (day or evening), leaving you and your people free to perform your functions or just enjoy the event. 

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