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Notary Public


Please like my    Notary Public page.

If you need Notary Public Services, call Lee at 469-471-4439 for an appointment in the  Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, including Ellis County. My Notary Commission is TX #53518-4, which expires 6-25-18. 



Prices are the standard prices ($3.00 per page) as prescribed by the TX Secretary of State's office Notary Public licensing PLUS any mileage charges at are incurred at .56 a mile (IRS mileage rate for 2014). I am what is considered a "Mobile Notary Public" and will travel. 


Also, I am a member of the American Association of Notaries.

If you are thinking about becoming a Notary Public, it is very easy to become a Notary. One must be licensed by the State of Texas. You can find information on the state's licensing website.

I'm currently lobbying for the state to make all notaries obtain a thumbprint of the individual when notarizing the signature on a document pertaining to real estate. On my "About Me" page, I explain about an elderly woman whose home was STOLEN from her by some bimbo who forged a warranty deed and the deed had to be notarized. In California, two escaped prisoners had gotten into the biz of stealing properties and they were caught because they had to include their thumbprints on those notarized docs. So, we should have that law in Texas!


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