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BETA READERS NEEDED - PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT FAMILY OR CLOSE FRIENDS - I NEED OBJECTIVE FEEDBACK. CLOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS PROBABLY WOULD TELL ME SOMETHING IS GOOD WHEN IT ISN'T, BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT TO HURT MY FEELINGS! BUT, I want my books to be objectively analyzed for character development, plot, location, and writing skill and style. Also, any overt errors should be pointed out and that includes typos and other corrections (I had an awful time with Microsoft Word - on its own, it decided to switch back and forth between straight quotes in dialogue and the "smart (curly) quotes." I had to spend a day proofing a book to make sure all quotes were the same style. A few days later, I noticed I had missed a pair and had to correct those and resubmit my ebook for publication online!


Newspaper Reporter

In 1968, I went to work at the La Porte Herald-Argus, a daily. La Porte is near Chicago.

Naturally, my first assignment was writing obituaries, but I quickly moved into writing political news, features, general news, and covering the police and fire beat when that reporter went on vacation. I wrote a weekly Business and Industry column which also covered local Construction activities. And, I wrote and edited a weekly education page.

One of the first people I learned about very soon after starting at the job was the notorious Belle Gunness.

She invited men to live with her and then killed them, burying their bodies on her farm.

My employment at the paper was during the Viet Nam War and I still remember that very well. I wanted to be a foreign correspondent and go to Viet Nam to cover the war. I even had a duffle bag packed and stored in my closet so I could board a plane in a minute. I also had children that I loved very much and there was no way I would leave them to cover a war. So I stayed at the daily newspaper. When I wrote a novel in 2008, my main female character was a correspondent in the Vietnam War.

The following photo appeared in the Herald-Argus. These are students from the local high schools who worked with me on the education page. I'm the female sitting on the floor - before my days of being a blonde.

photo of Lee Gabor with high school students in La Porte Indiana about 1969  

I also covered lots of political events, which I found very exciting. Once in awhile, the paper let me write feature articles, most of which I came up with myself. That is called "having a nose for news." The best one, in my opinion, was a 6-article series on The Indiana State Prison in Michigan City, IN. I was able to tour the prison and I really hated the sound of those big metal doors slamming. I felt bad for the men who were incarcerated there and to this day, I believe most of them could have had a better life if they had managed better in their early years in school. 

The following photo is of me on a tugboat headed for Chicago (on Lake Michigan). There was a strike by the Longshoremen and also involved the Teamsters, so we traveled to where the news was happening.

tugboat.jpg (29625 bytes)

I was just starting to write editorials when I left the newspaper business.  I also was doing a little radio news broadcasting at a local station and hosted a television interview show in South Bend, IN (the location of Notre Dame University). The first person I interviewed was Bill Ruckelshaus, who was the very first head of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

This is a collage of a few of the various dignitaries I interviewed for the paper. You can click on it to see a larger graphic.  

reporter celebs.jpg (141620 bytes)

I once had a box of all the articles I had written, but somewhere along a move, it disappeared. Someday, perhaps I'll get back to Indiana and go through the paper's morgue to find those articles. The interviews were very interesting, especially with famous people (I was young and impressionable then). I remember the day Robert F. Kennedy and his wife and their entourage came to La Porte on the way to California. It was in California that RFK was murdered.

A very interesting event I endured regarding photography (mirror shot) is detailed at my photographer page.

But, what I remember so fondly is that the typewriter I used, an old, old Royal, was the same one the famous WWII correspondent Ernie Pyle used in 1923 when he worked for the paper. I actually considered stealing that typewriter, but I didn't. I'm just not a thief. But, how I loved EP's ability to write. I read all his books and still have them. When I arrived at the paper in the mornings at 7:00, I would sit at my desk, place my hands on the keys and ask Ernie to help me be a good reporter.

I'm including a photo of Ernie Smiling, of Ernie in the field as a correspondent, and a photo of a typewriter similar to the one I used that he had used at the paper.

ernie pyle smiling.jpg (15934 bytes)       ernie pyle outside w typewriter.jpg (171456 bytes)     ernie pyle royal typewriter 6 approxx.jpg (68629 bytes)

I'm also including a photo of my Ernie Pyle GI Joe doll, complete with a little typewriter. Next to that is a photo of a Carona portable, which is what he used in the field.

ernie pyle doll.jpg (11866 bytes)     ernie pyle corona typewriter.jpg (8721 bytes)

When I entered the short story contest in 2006, I tried to write like Pyle would have. I must have done something right because I won that contest. But, I really can't compare my ability to that of Ernie Pyle. He was fabulous and had this uncanny skill in connecting emotionally to the troops in WWII.

Shortly before WWII ended (April 18, 1945) Mr. Pyle was shot and killed by a sniper on the island of Ie Shima (NOT Iwo Jima where that famous flag raising photograph was taken). When he died, Pyle was wearing a wrist watch that had been given to him by the famous aviatrix Amelia Earhart. 

I still think Ernie Pyle was one of the greatest writers ever and I love re-reading the books he wrote, especially those that are compilations of columns he penned on the battlefields of WWII.

I left the paper because I was offered scholarships, grants, and loans to finish my college education. The Laporte Business and Professional Women's Club also gave me scholarship money and below is a photo of the local club's president and me. The red markings are because my baby daughter, Kristina, decided to "write" on it. LOL

rec schoarship bpw.jpg (118367 bytes)     



After closing the talent agency and academy in Dec. 1995, I spent time doing technical writing, including a book on window treatments for the now defunct Wallpapers To Go.

I also wrote Internet help pages and How-To documentation for Sabre, a division of American Airlines. 



How did the fiction writing start? In 2007, I won first place in The Writer's Notebook contest for October with the short story "Zigzags." It was that experience that led me to believe I could  write fiction. My experience until then was as a newspaper reporter and tech writer, both non-fiction oriented. Following is a photo of the award and I love the software I won. The software is "Page Four" and is specific for writing. It helps one organize his/her fiction and non-fiction works. For more info on how I write, please click here.




Martell with text.jpg (374397 bytes)

Good movies are a love of mine. While I was employed by Dallas ISD (2002-2008), I decided to join the Dallas Screenwriters Association. The monthly meetings and script readings were wonderful, but what I remember best is the weekend workshop with William Martel from LA. He has had 18 movies made from his scripts. I so enjoyed what I learned that, eventually, I wrote a screenplay. 



After leaving DISD, I devoted time to writing novels, non-fiction books, and publishing sheet music for songs I had already written back in the 1970s plus a couple of more recently-composed songs.

My books are now available in ebook format and we've published sheet music for all but one of the songs I've written. The sheet music graphics/links follow the books. I hope in 2015 to get all the ebooks formatted for paperback and/or hardback availability and notification will be posted on this website. Also, I have a few Lee Gabor books to finish and publish before I move to writing only the Lee masters astrological non-fiction and fiction works. 

To visit pages with descriptions of books, please click on cover graphics. Those pages have links if you desire to purchase from Smashwords, Amazon, or other retailers. Please be aware, various retailers have their own prices.

If you prefer, please visit my Author Page at Smashwords and/or Author Page at Amazon. Each author page contains a list of all books I've published that are being sold by that retailer. My Smashwords page lists everything I'm publishing and all of these items are available at the Internet retailers to which Smashwords distributes. I am not publishing everything at Amazon (for example, the free tribute books, cookbooks, and, at this time in August, 2015, the sheet music).

Among the categories of ebooks is sheet music for songs I wrote in the 1970s while playing piano and singing at piano bars in Madison, WI or in 1979 in Houston, TX or 2007 in Dallas, TX. At some point in the future, I'll make available online my recordings of the songs I've written. 

View Trailers for ebooks at my YouTube channel or at the Smashwords pages. Also, since the sheet music is written using very basic chords with the melodies, I placed on my YouTube channel two videos of me performing. One is musicians accompanying me as I perform cover songs and the other is simply my hands on the piano keys as I play bits of some songs. These were made to "cut in" to the other recording since the second video camera I ordered for the shoot wasn't available.

Information on ebook formats follows categories.

You can discover the individual books with covers at the following links and each ebook except the sheet music one have a summary available.


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