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Music, Dance, & Theatre in the Classroom

Students will best learn when they become engaged. The most effective way to engage people is to create an environment of drama and fun. This is especially true for students in elementary school.

Following is a list of elements of a great dramatic environment? For photos and more detail, an EBook is available for purchase at our other website. Please see purchase info at end of this page.


Print rich walls that are focused on education and not merely decoration, enhance the room. For example: 


OBJECTIVES - Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)



More than wall items, however, is to provide fascinating activities every day. We want our students to wonder, "What will happen today?"

A way to do this is through dance and theatre. Theatre can be as simple as adding characters to the classroom and writing stories that involve both students and the characters. This helps students to create characters about the lesson topic and write in their journals in a way that is more memorable than simply listing facts.


Science is easily taught using hands-on activities and dance. We did "The Continental Drift" as a dance to teach about Pangea and how the continents drifted apart. Details and the lyrics to the song are available on the EBook mentioned above.


We wrote many songs and dances for our subject areas. By providing tunes to old favorites and letting students write the lyrics, they can reinforce their knowledge of the topic. These songs are in the EBook mentioned above.


While I used a lot of technology (see Technology and Gaming in the Classroom webpage) in the classroom, students also enjoyed the stories about the various characters. We became very theatrical in connecting stories and plays to our content areas.

Some plays were more formal and some were done as vignettes, such as our Martin Luther King plays.

Students from 02-03 school year still come back to visit and talk about Freddie Frog (character), Sandy Sun (settings), and Catface, Pretty Flora, and Rat (plot), who taught Literary Elements, as well as Lizzie Lizzard and many others. 

One of their favorites is Elaine the Brain. It helps to explain to students how the brain works - how they learn by creating neuron pathways. 

Lee's Ebook Classroom Success Through Creativity includes photos of these many characters and details on what the characters "taught." Click here to go to the page for the book. From there you can select a retailer to go to.

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