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The Musician and Entertainer

Pianist and Vocalist

Sheet music for the 40 songs Lee has written will soon be available at Smashwords.

Because Lee loves to play for weddings, she continues to available to perform for ceremonies and receptions. She has performed for over a thousand weddings of all sizes. 

Request Lee’s “Love and Romance” Repertoire. Lee also can perform her compositions: Wedding Prayer, and Wedding Passage – Ceremony Music for Step Families.


Ceremony Music

Typically, music begins 30 minutes prior to the Bridal March. This provides a lovely background ambiance for guests to be seated and to quietly visit. Wedding music is selected for the processional of the bridal party (the groom, best man, and groomsmen, the maid/matron of honor, bridesmaids, ring bearer, flower girl). 


A special song, traditionally the "Wedding March," is played for the bride to walk down the aisle. I can perform a piano selection as well as add vocals during the ceremony. Often requested is a song I wrote, "Wedding Prayer," to be performed immediately before the rings are exchanged. 


As the ceremony ends, recessional music is played while the bridal party exits the area. Often photographs are taken immediately after the ceremony. Whether or not the photos session is scheduled, I play piano for another 30 minutes as guests leave or as the room is transitioned for the reception.


Price for Ceremony music is $100 per hour. Since the entire pre-ceremony, ceremony, and post ceremony event lasts 90 minutes, the typical charge is $150.  


I do not like to play on electronic keyboards. Therefore, an acoustic piano or organ must be at the location of the ceremony. 


If I'm required to be at the rehearsal, an additional fee is calculated at $100 per hour, pro-rated. 





I can perform a variety of piano selections, with or without vocals, for the reception. Price is $100 per hour, pro-rated with a minimum of 1 hour.



I am available at $100 per hour to play piano and, if scheduled, sing, for all  types of events. I have my own sound system for vocals. I prefer to play acoustic pianos and not electronic keyboards. If the event location doesn't have an acoustic piano, arrangement must be made for one.



I started playing piano at 2 years old and singing at about 6. I occasionally sang on the radio in Atlanta. From 1968 until 1972, I performed part time (while a newspaper reporter in Indiana) and then in 1972, after finishing college, I went to work full time in the entertainment industry as a    

  •  pianist

  • vocalist

  • band and orchestra leader

  • showband leader and performer doing "Down Memory Lane" shows that featured music and dance from specific eras (one of my favorite activities used to be tap dancing) 

  • agent

  • teacher of performing arts

I performed in most of the major US cities and lived in Las Vegas for awhile. In 1982, I performed at the Houstonian for then Vice-President George Bush. That was very exciting.

A number of celebrities came to shows over the years, but another of my most memorable moments was playing piano for Frank Sinatra in 1978 in Boca Raton, Fl (Boca Raton Hotel and Country Club). I was so nervous, my hands were shaking. "Old Blue Eyes" told me not to be nervous - that if I were good enough to be performing at the Boca Raton H&CC, I was good enough to play for him. This gave me a lot of confidence. It is always nice to receive emotional support from others.

In 1972, during the time I was a newspaper reporter, friends who were musicians asked me to help them find jobs. I did. As a result of the ethical standards I established, more and more musicians came for help. The result was "Academy of Artists Productions" (later named was changed to The Lee Gabor Agency), affiliated with the American Federation of Musicians. The agency had offices in Las Vegas, Atlanta, Houston, and some smaller cities. In 1983, offices were opened in Dallas. 

As the agency grew, people who heard about it  would ask how they could become entertainers and, from that, The Lee Gabor Academy was born. A few more businesses were added, all of which offered products and services related to entertainment. In 1995, I closed all the entertainment related businesses.

In 1979, Virginia Clarady invited me to come to Houston to perform in her Stella Link piano bar. Actually, it wasn't a piano bar at the time. She wanted to turn it into one. I visited in Houston, then went to New Orleans to work. During that time, Mrs. Clarady was creating the piano. I had offered to suggest a few ideas, but she told me she had the "perfect" idea for what fit me.

When I returned to Houston to begin performing (June, 1979), I discovered she thought of me as a female Liberace. The grand piano had been covered with mirrors and a mirrored bar built around it. This piano bar had been set up in a glass enclosed solarium next to the main bar (with its huge fireplace and fountain - so gorgeous). Above the piano was a massive crystal chandelier.

I played for happy hour and then into the evening.

Are you already thinking it must have been hot in there before sunset? It was. I dripped. But we had a great time. I started a newsletter and had 1000 addresses on my mailing list. We had a monthly Astrology party and many other special events. When a hurricane was nearby, we had hurricane parties. We took busses to the Houston Astros baseball games.

As I look at some of those old newsletters from back in the early 1980s, I remember such fun times. I'm so glad I listed birthdays and special activities so that I still have many of the names of people in Houston.

The folks in Houston became like family and I still stay in touch with some of those beautiful people.

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