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My childhood was spent in non-profit activities. In Dallas, I became involved with Children United, both managing the enterprise and handling fundraising (including writing and obtaining grants).

This is the graphic for Children United, which was founded by Belinda Rugerri and did so much to help children around the world. I truly was inspired by Belinda! Somewhere I still have the DVD of the television news segment on the summer camp. CU had leased the old Red Cross building in Dallas for years at only $1 a year. When the building owners decided to sell, CU moved, but, later terminated.


In July 2014, two friends and I incorporated a non-profit to offer free classes on a variety of topics.I was thrilled when the Board asked me to be Managing Director and I do keep the books to the penny!

 You can click on the banner to visit the website for our 501(c)(3) educational non-profit

The IRS designation 501(c)(3) means donors can deduct from their tax returns the money or like-kind (goods) given, if one uses the Itemized Deduction classification. The first two years of obtaining this designation, the entity is limited to $4,000 a year income maximum and that is in cash as well as like-kind donations. At this time, we have one more year to go before we are unlimited.

We're looking forward to the expiration of the limitation because we need our own school building (house we can convert or actual office building).

On our website, we have a donor button since we are looking for more funding as well as goods.  We welcome any help you want to offier.

So far, our classes have been on what is required to start a business and the business taxes involved. We also scheduled a class on individual taxes. This fall we will be offering classes on self-publishing books one has written and possibly other topics. Our FB page and website will offer information.

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