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Photographer - Videographer


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All still photography and videography prices are customized depending upon what you need, the amount of time involved, travel expenses, output you desire (framed, on heavy board, etc.).


From Brownie camera when I was a kid to a nice Canno Rebel, it has been a wonderful experience. My dad was a big fan of 8 mm film during my childhood and teen years and, after his death, I was fortunate enough to obtain all those old reels and bring them back (from Atlanta) to Dallas. I had the film transferred to video cassettes and then edited and placed edits on video cassettes to send to people from my childhood. I thought it was very important for them to have a little piece of video history of those years back in the 1950s and 1960s. It meant a lot to me to be able to provide a family with some video of a son/brother who had been killed.

My most memorable photography event was during my employment as a newspaper reporter. Assigned to me was a Yashica Twin Lens Reflex camera and strobe. I was asked to cover Miss LaPorte County as she shopped at a local mall. She was a contender for the Miss Indiana crown. It would have been between 1968 and 1972.

When I arrived at the mall with my camera set up, a summer intern reporter from our competitive paper in Michigan City was there. He had a large silver case and was preparing his Hassalblad camera. He opened his camera case and I drooled at the equipment - long lenses, filters, the best money could buy. Related to the famous Honeywell family, he insulted my Yashica and me and I retorted, "As Ansel Adams said, it isn't the equipment, it's the person using it!" I was angry. I said, "I'll just take a mirror shot of her."

I'd already been told by the professional staff photographers at the newspaper that mirror shots were horrible to do because one would typically get flash into the mirror. On this day of shooting, I figured I could take the shot (plus others) and, when it turned out with flash in the mirror and, therefore, not usable, I'd just tell this other reporter next time I saw him that the paper was full that day - no room for my photo. I couldn't lose!

So, I placed the young woman in front of a three-way mirror and took a couple of photos. This was back in the film day, so I never knew how anything turned out until the film was developed (I didn't carry a Poloroid with me, as some photographers did).

I went back to the paper and turned in my camera equipment and the film (the staff photographers would develop the film). I told our Managing Editor what had happened.

To my amazement, the next day the front page of the paper carried a large photo of my mirror shot. I had been SO LUCKY - no flash. Next thing I heard - the intern had gone home back east somewhere. That shot was just plain luck! 

Below is a photo of my old Ricohflex Twin Lens Reflex. I preferred having my own camera instead of checking out the Yashica from the newspaper. Still have this Ricohflex!

Since then I've done some professional photography and a lot of photos of family and personal events. I love shooting architecture and flowers and am including a few of those photos here.

Sometimes I shoot black and white and did a shot a few years ago of a bird in a tree with a cat nearby!


Cat and bird - appears that the cat knows there is a bird nearby, but not sure where it is!

DSCN2878.JPG (953716 bytes)

Crow taken with long lens on top of sign in Garrett, TX (from a distance with the naked eye it looked like an eagle, but with camera lens, it obviously was a crow)

DSCN2886.JPG (1487265 bytes)

Bird atop a fountain on the deck at a home.



Beautiful historic home in Ennis, TX.


IMG_0024.JPG (4688888 bytes)

Beautiful historic home in Palmer, TX


IMG_0022.JPG (3371540 bytes)

Historic church in Palmer, TX


IMG_0017.JPG (3560098 bytes)

Gin mill in Ellis County, TX


Ellis County Courthouse in Waxahachie, TX


Old Ellis County Prison Farm building on FM 878 just east of 287 (hasn't been in use in decades)


Old Gas Station in Ferris, TX (also hasn't been in use in decades)





flowers at my cottage - love the antique roses


IMG_0057.JPG (3021547 bytes)

flowers at Compass Bank, Ennis, TX



crazy tree waxa.JPG (5369901 bytes)

Fasincated by this one - in front of house on south side of  Marvin Ave. in Waxahachie, headed east just before reaching Ennis St.


IMG_0175.JPG (4529802 bytes)

Old rose trellis in Farmers Branch, TX 



movie being filmed waxa 2.JPG (1345245 bytes)

Movie being filmed in Waxahachie, TX



Published by local newspaper - fire of mobile home on Newton Rd., Ferris, TX 

The reason this was so important - a little girl who is wheelchair-bound lived there and neighbors rushed in to make sure she would be safe. As it turned out, she was at school, but the courage of neighbors should be commended. Volunteer Fire Department's firemen showed up and they took care of the fire. 




Will add later, if i can find the CD - young ladies in antique dresses - gorgeous!


FLASH MOVIE - if it doesn't automatically start, please try clicking anywhere on the white space (you need Shockwave Player for this to work)

stills of a small shop and restaurant


And photo of the old Ricohflex Twin Lens Rflex camera I used decades ago when I was a newspaper reporter. ricohflex photoshop cropped.jpg (2449460 bytes)

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