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Photos of Lee as a Musician and Entertainer

Promo and just having fun!


  LaPorte , Indiana 1970

Galesburg, Illinois birthday party 1971

Edgewater Hotel, Madison , Wisconsin 1972

Chicago , Illinois 1973

Baraboo , Wisconsin 1973

Matilda Eveready Show, 1973 and 1974 

 Lee was punk before it was a fad; another Matilda photo

Las Vegas , Nevada 1975

Madison , Wisconsin 1977

Fort Wayne , Wisconsin 1978

Boston , Massachusetts 1978

Wish I had a photo from Boca Raton Hotel and Country Club as well as photos from other places. 


Houston , Texas  

Cellar Door Restaurants from 1979 to 1982

This is a snapshot taken in the summer of 1979. Ron Bozeman (later one of the Oscar-winning producers of the movie "Silence of the Lambs") was a location manager for the move "Middle Age Crazy," with Bruce Dern and Ann Margaret. Ron showed up at my condo one day, wanting to rent it for a day of filming. This is late at night after filming had finished. The filming date was the same date as daughter Krisy's birthday party in the condo community center. It was exciting for her that the movie people attended her party. Lot sof our new friends from The Cellar Door were on hand for the party and for the filming.

This is Bruce Dern in a scene from the movie.

    Our first Cellar Door Family Reunion - September of 1979; I am standing on the stage with Judge Geraldine Tennant, a really fine lady. 

   Cellar Door promo photos, taken in the fall of 1979  


This is a comparison of Zsa Zsa and me, although my headshot is from a passport and not a mugshot. 

Halloween 1979 - performing while dressed as an old man - people couldn't believe this was me.

This is the mirror piano and piano bar ordered to be built by Mrs. Clarady (owner of Cellar Door Restaurants) for me when I opened there in June 1979. This photo is Thanksgiving 1979. The tip jar is a little mirrored piano.

A monthly Astrological birthday party - this was Leo, 1980

Halloween 1980 - I was a monkey bride

A party at the Piano Bar 1980

A Valentines Day Party 1981


Tax Relief Party 1981

Gilly's, Houston, Texas, late December 1981 - we were there for the birthday party of Frances J., who was a regular at The Cellar Door on Stella Link; this is me getting to ride the bull at 8.0 to start with; I rode at 8.0 and 9.0.

An interesting experience in Houston - I decided to fight my fear of snakes. This is a boa constrictor with me (I'm wearing the red hat). After this, I no longer had a fear.

  Valentine Day 1982 

This photo is from 1985 when I returned to Houston and we had a "Cellar Door" family reunion. Ted and Joyce Badger are in the photo. I think I am holding a book of poetry written by Ted.

 Missing is photo of our "formal" reunion in 1986 at the Red Room of Harold Farb's Carlyle - the fanciest place in Houston. 

Houston , after the Cellar Door: 

Inn on the Park 1982 - had been given an ABC news patch by a friend who was a videographer for the network

  and Adam's Mark Hotel , Houston , Texas 1982

Holiday Inn with the fabulous late Dottie Shoemaker, Houston , Texas 1982

With the late, great Patsy "Beautiful" Campbell - one of the Cellar Door family, a fabulous cook, and we will always remember her lovely heart and her generosity to the poor of the City of Houston . This is at Christmas 1982

This is a photo of Jim, one of the favorites at the piano bar. He died young in an airplane accident, making sure to save others' lives. He is still remembered.

At the Warwick Club on the top floor of The Warwick Hotel, 1982

At The Tower on west Westheimer with Bill M. and Johnny in 1983.

A promo shot in Houston, 1983; I wasn't using my married name of Gabor at the time.

Another  promo shot in 1983, brief time with my natural hair color



Promo Headshot 

Bent Tree County Club, Dallas , Texas 1984

Augustus Restaurant, Dallas , Texas , 1984

  Gleneagles County Club, Dallas , Texas 1989 (Artist in Residence 1985-1995)

Chambrel Retirement Home, Dallas, Texas, late 1980s (played at a variety of retirement homes around the city of Dallas and also had done that in Houston - the old sing-alongs were always a hit!)

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