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Process Documentation

Process Documentation is defining the policies and procedures of how something should be done correctly in order to get a specific result and then putting those directions into written, graphic, or audio-visual form. 

It requires gathering information by interviewing, researching, reading, testing, on-site observation, or any means necessary to obtain the total relevant picture. 

Documentation, CDs, and videos can include information in the form of lists, spatial clusters, grids, diagrams, drawings, graphics, charts, etc. The info can be published to hard copy or to the Intranet/Internet.

What kinds of processes can and should be documented?

Almost everything we do in life and in education, business, manufacturing, and government. Even a cookbook is an example of process documentation.

We can include materials, labor, step-by-step actions, options, safety warnings, and define expected results. 


Online Help and User Guides are two important documents that relate to computer hardware and software use. We have experience writing both types of documentation, as well as System Admin Guides and Database Directories. Students interested in writing and computers may want to target this area for a career.


A process document that is very important for schools, businesses, etc. is the Standard Operating Procedures Manual. Every department in a company needs a SOP. Using it makes a department more efficient and effective.

One of the most important SOP manuals in a business is the one written for Administrative Assistants to Executives. The same type of manual is very important in the classroom, although it may not be put together formally.

The more specific both teachers and students are in expectations, the more secure and organized the environment.

In your classroom, what happens when you are out? A substitute is hired or someone is brought from another department in the company to fill-in. Without documentation, such helpers are lost. A copy of a lesson plan is not enough to have on hand. Be sure there is a seating arrangement, full schedule of daily events, notes to help better interact with specific students, etc.

The one document that can improve your classroom is a SOP manual. Lee has personally written a number of these for various types of businesses and corporations. Every "How To" is included, so that the substitute feels totally comfortable in this new experience. 

Typically, a SOP Manual for a business takes a minimum of 10 hours to be completed with cross references, diagrams, etc. Classroom editions can be done within a couple of hours and it is well worth the effort. 

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