Texas Trilogy Screenplay



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Alberto Garcia, a Mexican cartel's top capo in the United States , is flamboyant and extravagant. When his behavior attracts the attention of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Berto becomes dispensable and dies in a violent street murder in Dallas , headquarters for his topless bar businesses in Texas through which he distributes drugs to cities and towns around the country. 

Alberto's Uncle Ernesto has a replacement in mind to assume power. His actions are thwarted when Alberto's legacy falls to his daughter, the strong and determined Victoria. She will take over the topless bar businesses and continue the drug trafficking. 

Her inheritance enrages her younger brother, who, knowing nothing of his dad's drug activities, contacts a different Mexican cartel in order to set up his own downline distribution network.

Victoria must learn how to operate a topless bar and a drug business. There to help her is Alberto's manager for many years, Rocko Valdez. Unfortunately, Rocko is caught in a cat-and-mouse game of violence with his old nemesis, the menacing El Limpiador The Cleaner, recently released from prison in California and well known for his many murders.

When Victoria learns who ordered the hit on her father, she vows revenge. The language is harsh and the violence is brutal. But this is simply standard behavior in the ugly world of drug trafficking in the United States.


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