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Website Design


Please like my Website Design page.

My prices for designing and putting up websites is cheap. That is because there are so many graphic artists who are much better than I am. However, I do believe EVERY business needs a website, even if minimally done.


URL or domain name for your site is $20 initial and after that $25 per year, payable in advance. Web hosting is $20 a month if paid monthly, $99.00 if paid for a full year. All payments are in advance.

Cost of website design depends on the complexity. A simple website of no more than 5 webpages is $100 - you provide the photos and logo. If we take photos and design a logo, there is an additional charge, which is customized depending upon your need.


You should get your domain name (URL) as quickly as possible before you can no longer obtain one that fits your establishment.

As mentioned above, I charge $20 for obtaining a URL for you and $25 a year for you to keep it. If you are paid up, you are welcome to transfer your website and URL to another designer. I require a week's notice in advance and IN that notice, the administrator or person to whom I am sending your URL and website.

It takes a couple of weeks to finalize a transfer (this is on the end of Internic), so plan accordingly.

At my low price, none of my work goes with the domain and website. Your new designer will start all over. My work is copyrighted and you pay me for buying the domain for you and renting room monthly on a website hosting service.

 If you want to purchase the work I've done in Microsoft Front Page or Adobe Dreamweaver, please contact me. The price depends on the number of pages, artwork I may have done, etc.

My price for monthly hosting is $22.00, paid in advance for a quarter (3 months), $25 a month if I have to bill you monthly, and $200 in advance if you pay me for a year. 


IF YOU ARE IN ELLIS COUNTY, we also would love to have your list your site at http://MyEllisCountyTX.com. If we do your domain name and handle your hosting, one listing is free. We simply need an email from you giving us permission to list your business.


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